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Maya Joshi

This is me

My first love was always drawing. I would sit on the floor as a kid and draw for hours, completely forgetting about the world. As someone with anxiety, one of the few ways to turn off my anxious brain is to create in any way, whether it's doodling, cooking, painting, or making jewelry. 


My multi-hyphenate identity plays a huge part in my artistic practice and expression. As a queer Black Caribbean and South Asian person my art and design work very intentionally centers fluidity, advocacy, education, sustainability and equity.


The core of both my visual art and design practices is passion and empathy. I create art for other Black and Brown folx who have often felt out of place and unheard. I support businesses who lead with these values and are working towards a more inclusive industry. My art practice centers belonging – belonging in our bodies, values, communities. My goal is to use art and design to tell our stories and imagine new ways to center our voices.


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Branding, Logo Design, Illustration, Visual Identity, Painting


Freelance Designer

Create a collaborative space for clients to brainstorm freely, strategize proactively, and bring their brand vision to life.


Marketing Coordinator

Designed templates and infographics for presentations and forums, in addition to facilitating company-wide events.

Operations Assistant

Spearheaded various cross-functional projects, including event planning and executive operation guides.



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